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What About Rugby?

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Rugby union, the sport otherwise known as rugby has become popular over the century that it has become the official national de facto sport of five different countries, namely the following: Papua New Guinea, Georgia, Madagascar, New Zealand and Wales. It has become so popular that there are already almost nineteen thousand rugby union clubs have images (4)been formed and spread worldwide and in those clubs, a total of 2.3 million rugby union players have been registered in the past several years. Rugby union news can be seen and heard over ESPN from time to time, which helped make it more popular and some school all over Europe and other continents even hold rugby union trainings and made it part of their curriculum.

The equipment needed to play rugby union is the rugby ball, an oval shaped ball which can either be made from leather or some synthetic material. The rugby ball has four panels and according to the International Rugby Board or IRB, the dimensions of the ball should be the following: 280 to 300mm in length, 740 to 770mm in circumference of length and 580 to 620mm in circumference of width. As for uniforms, the standards include a rugby shirt, which is also known as a Rugby-imagery_2rugby jersey, rugby shorts, socks and boots (boots have soles with studs whichcan be plastic or metal provided that they are not sharp). Players also wear protective gear like compulsory mouthguards and optional helmets, head gear, shoulder pads and shin guards.

The Rugby World Cup is the rugby union’s most anticipated tournament, and like the association football’s World Cup, it is also held every four years. The 2015 World Cup will be hosted by England while the 2019 World Cup will be hosted by Japan. There were quite a number of countries who initially submitted their bids to host the Rugby World Cup for 2015 and 2019 respectively like Australia, England, Ireland, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, Russia, Scotland, South Africa and Wales. Majority of them withdrew their bids before the deadline for a number of different reasons. Initially, Japan became an early favorite to host the World Cup because it would mean a boost of viewership and interest in the sport in Asia but ultimately, England was the winner for 2015. Although most rugby union games during the World Cup will be played across stadiums in England, some games will be played in a stadium in Wales, the Millennium Stadium.

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There are two teams playing against each other in a rugby union game and like most sports, the team that acquires the higher number of points wins the game. And how are points scored in rugby union? Well, there are several ways to do so. One is called a try. A try is worth 5 points and scored by grounding the ball in the in-goal area (between the goal line and the dead ball line). If a player does a subsequent conversion kick, he or she scores 2 points. If he or she successfully does a penalty kick or a drop goal, each score will be 3 points.